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We are specialized in Products like Marble, Granite, Sandstones, Slate stone, Limestone, Quartzite, Bidasar, Flooring Patterns, Handicrafts, Table Tops, Stone Fire Place, Stone Pillars, Stone Fountain, Stone Figure, etc. As a global marble and granite slabs exporter we cater to large number of customers round the world and work to ensure that best products are delivered at the best price rates. Customer satisfaction is our best motive and we strive to meet up to our expectations.


We offer a wide range of marble artifacts. The stone furniture and decoratives exhibit fascinating designs and exquisite craftsmanship. Innovative and ethnic, Our products include :-

  Marbles   Granites
Marble Slab,Marble Suppliers,Marble Tiles
Explore the vivid beauty of marble in varied shades of white, red, black, gray, pink, green and lots more. We are the exporter of marble tiles, marble slabs, marble tile flooring...
Granite Slabs Exporter, Granite Stone, Granite Tiles
Discover the magic of the hard natural igneous rock formation, in visibly crystalline texture, granite tiles, granite slabs...

  Sandstone   Slatestone
Sandstone Tiles,Sandstone Slabs,Natural Sandstone
Unravel the collection of sandstone that can be used for both Interior & Exterior applications. We provide natural sandstone, sandstone tiles...
Slate Stone Slabs,Slate Stone Tiles
Used as an essential building material, slate is used for large scale construction of buildings. We are the exporters & suppliers of natural slate stone & Indian slate stone...

  Limestone   Quartzite
Limestone Tiles,Limestone Slabs,Limestone Random Slabs
Find ways to experiment with limestone, used typically for flooring, wall cladding, vanity tops .We are the supplier &exporter of limestone tiles, limestone slabs ,Indian limestone etc.
Quartzite Tiles,Quartzite Slabs,Quartzite Stone
A spellbinding range of medium-grained natural quartzite, which is fireproof and non-slippery. We provide quartzite tiles, quartzite flooring, quartzite stone...

  Bidasar   Handicrafts
Bidasar Stone,Natural Bidasar Stone
Get the best quality Bidsar stone for your garden pathways, fountains, etc. Give the magnificent appearance to your garden through high quality natural stones at Akar Marbles.
Stone Handicrafts,Marble Handifrafts,Stone Handicrafts India
We provide top range stone handicrafts including stone bases, stone jalis, stone panel, stone fireplaces, etc at best prices. Our products are valued because of their high quality and originality.

Talking about the other famous categories of marble in India; there are some very types of marbles that are in high demands. Rajnagar white marble is one other category that comes in the white shade and is demanded by a great number of consumers. Marble supplier in India does keep it in mind to deliver the marbles also of the non Indian origin. Italian marble is one best example that can be given for the highest demanded foreign marble manufacturer exporter in india.

Even the American clients are dealing directly with the granite manufacturer and exporter in india rather than contacting with the importers who are based in USA. However the only threat in front of India is that the Brazil is also making its importance noticed in the American market. Even though the present scenario can definitely be regarded as the golden era for Indian granite exporters right now.

For many of the western countries; India has always been a land of mysteries. Even the normal things considered by the Indians are considered mystic and mysterious by the people from foreign countries. It can be regarded as the reason that the Indian handicrafts which have their roots in the rural areas are liked most in the foreign countries. The handicrafts made in India have an essence of culture. Manufacturer of handicraft exporter in india don’t ever forget to add this essence and the result is the huge demand.

There are various uses found of the limestone based on their characteristics. To be precise it will not be wrong to say that it offers limitless advantages. The uses of the lime stone can be traced back to 14th century. Due to these uses; limestone manufacturer exporter in india get good orders of delivering this stone to the consumers and clients all over the world.

Every other mineral grain that is found in the sandstone falls under this category. However their percent in stone is very small. Some common examples of this category include pyroxene, corundum, olivine, micas (biotite and muscovite). Almost in every sandstone piece found by the sandstone manufacturer exporter in india;these minerals are definite to be found.

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